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Aug. 31st, 2009


Started tenth grade today. NO MORE SUMMER, BAWWWWWWWW D:

But all my teachers are amazing, at least; and lunch isn't too awkward.


Aug. 22nd, 2009

Soul Eaterrrrr~

Soul Eater is such a good anime XD

I'll eventually get to the manga... later... xD

But yeah.


And I might post a meme later.

Aug. 5th, 2009


This, by far, is probably my favorite moment in Hetalia XD


 I am such a nerd. I had to post this before I went to bed.


Enjoy Poland now, kthnksbye :'D


Aug. 4th, 2009

Meme Zero.

Yes, I start counting at zero >U 

-My name is: Lauren.
-nicknames: N/A.
-sex: Female.
-birthday: October 26, 1994.
-color: Red, green, and black.
-star sign: Scorpio.
-place of birth: Baltimore, Maryland.
-current residence: Baltimore, Maryland.
-hair color: Blondish-brown.
-eye color: Blue.
-height: 5'6".
-writing hand: Right.


-do you bite your nails: If I have a hangnail or something, yeah xD
-can you roll your tongue: Yes.
-can you blow smoke rings: I've never tried.
Can you blow spit bubbles: Yes.
-can you cross your eyes: Yep.
-tattoos and where: I don't know if I want any... sure, they're cool, but they involve needles... D:
-do you make your bed daily: Sometimes.
-what’s sexiest on a guy: Hair, face, and eyes. If you're bald... then don't bother... I'm not worth bothering for anyway lolollol -bricked-
-what’s sexiest on a girl: BOOBS PLZ 8D
-do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it: Twirl it. 
-what utensils do you use eating pizza: I'm OCD and don't like getting my hands dirty, so I use a fork sometimes XD Most of the time it's my hands, though.
-do you cook: Barely.


-how often do you brush your teeth: Every morning, most of the time XD
-do you shower/bathe: Every day or every other day.
-how long do these showers last: ... varies.
-hair drying method: A towel or blowdryer, but most of the time I just leave it wet.
-do you swear: ALL THE FUCKING TIME >|
-do you pee in the shower: Everybody does, don't they?
-what color is your bedroom: Beige walls, blue carpet.
-do you use an alarm clock: Nope. My mom wakes me up if I don't wake up myself.
-name four things or people you're obsessed with: Axis Powers Hetalia, Naruto, Bleach, roleplaying.
-What’s your sleeping position: On my stomach or my sides.
-in hot weather do you use a blanket: Sometimes.
-do you sleepwalk: Nope.
-do you talk in your sleep: Sometimes.
-how about the light on: I only leave my bedroom door cracked if I watched a weird/scary/creepy movie before bed XD


had sex: The last time Tite Kubo made GrimmTo happen. 
watched bambi: ... a really long time ago ._.
cried: This morning because of my sprained ankle.
talked on the phone: About an hour and a half ago to my aunt Michele.
read a book: Today in the doctors' office. I read Parenting Magazine.


is music important to you: I NEED MY IPOD TO LIVE FFFF :C
do you sing: Not in front of others.
what instruments do you play: None, but I played clarinet, trumpet, and violin in fifth grade.
what do you think of Eminem: <3333
in your opinion what band is the best of all time: ... I like Relient K and The All-American Rejects. I <3 Anberlin.


pop music: Yep.
rock music: Yep.
punk music: Sometimes.
rap music: Sometimes.
hip-hop/RB: Sometimes.
country: Sometimes.
jazz: Not really.
classical: Not really.
new age: ... I think.
hardcore: Rarely.
indie rock: Yep.


What do you notice first? The hair, face, and eyes.
Do you have a crush on anyone? SUIGETSU IS FICTIONAL FUCK No C:
Easiest to talk to: Online friends and Megan.


Could you live without the computer?: No. Nonononono.
What’s your favorite fruit? Grapes, blueberries, and peaches C:
What hurts the most? Physical or emotional pain?: Physical pain. Emotional pain I can kind of ignore... XD
Trust others way too easily? I'm pretty cautious online, but in real life, yes -.-


Of times you have had your heart broken? Once.
Of hearts you have broken? Two.
Of girls kissed? Four.
Of boys kissed? Six.
Of drugs taken illegally? None.
Of tight friends? RL: Three. Online: Three.
Of CD's owned?: Mabe twenty to thirty? Possibly fourty.
Of scars on my body? Maybe four or five.


I know: Too much.
I want: To be fucking skinny D<
I have: A lot.
I wish: For things.
I hate: Someone.
I fear: Spiders XD
I hear: Music on my iPod.
I ache: In my right ankle.
I care: About so little.
I always: Run my mouth.
I dance: Badly.
I cry: Over stupid things.
I write: Eight characters well.
I confuse: ... C:
I can usually be found: On my laptop.
Have you ever played a game that required removal of clothing: Yes, but I didn't take anything off.

-ARE YOU A...-

Wuss: Yep.
Gang member: Nope.
Daydreamer: Yep.
Alcoholic: Not an official one C:
Freak: Yep.
Brat: Yep.
Sarcastic: I try to be.
Goody-goody: At school and certain friends' houses.
Angel: At school and certain friends' houses.
Evil: ... C:
Friend: I suck at being a friend C: I'm too much of a bitch.
Shy: Kind of.
Adventurous: NO C:
Intelligent: Yep.


Your best feature [personality]: My ability to make a joke.
Most annoying thing you do: I don't know when to shut up.
Biggest mistake you've made this far: SO MANY.
Describe your personality in one word: Odd.
A smell that makes you smile: Cookie Dough C:
A city you'd like to visit: Tokyo :c
A drink you order most often: Coke or Pepsi.
The music you prefer while alone: J-pop or rap, because I get embarassed when I listen to it around my parents >.>;
A TV show you watch regularly: Bleach, Naruto, Axis Powers Hetalia, Scrubs, South Park -- wait, one? C:
You live in: A house.

Oh Ow.

Story time, guys.

My aunt's gas and electric are off, so she's staying at my grandmother's house (where I live) for a while, until it gets put back on. Thusly, her dog Winter (a little dog that looks like a Husky, but GOD SHE'S STRONG D:) came with her. So, last night, she made me walk her, which I didn't have a problem with -- until I sprained my ankle.

Basically, I was walking Winter up and down the street a few times, and the second time I did it, she saw a rabbit and went to the right, and, because my balance was off, made me fall to the left, which made me twist my ankle. I sat on the pavement and cried for about ten/fifteen minues (thank God nobody saw me ._.), then limped back to my house (while Winter was pulling me, mind you) and looked at the front door and cried/yelled for somebody to get the dog, because I hurt myself.

So my brother, Kyle (he's nine), came down the steps and got her, while I limped up the steps and cried about how bad it hurt. Eventually, my dad put an icepack on my foot, which, after about twenty minutes, was burning and started to get really annoying. I sat on my bed with my laptop, not moving my right leg or foot for about an hour. After I took the icepack off, my ankle felt a lot better, so I limped out to the kitchen and made some rice. It was kind of a waste, though, because I felt kind of sick afterwards and ate hardly any of it ._.

Now, I go to summer school (I failed English, because I'm retarded like that), and I haven't missed a day as of yet -- except for today XD I couldn't even get out of bed, and when I did, I leaned on my closet and cried because I couldn't walk. Thusly, Mom made a doctors' appointment today at eleven. We went down to his office and were called in basically as soon as we arrived; the nurse thought it was funny, apparently, to tell me my ankle could be broken, and told me a story about a girl yesterday that had come in with the same problem that I had and, turns out, her foot/ankle was broken. I got kind of scared after that, but the doctor told me that my ankle was just sprained and gave me an ace bandage for it. 

So, here I am, with a sprained ankle and an ace bandage on my foot.

... hopefully it's better by Friday, because I want to go over my friend Megan's house ;_;


Beware the n00b, people. Beware the n00b. The n00b who already knows how to use LiveJournal -bricked-

Might as well give an introduction :3 I'm Lauren (known as nothing else), and the three main anime/manga I'm into are (in no particular order) Naruto, Bleach and Axis Powers Hetalia. I'm too lazy (lol.) to list all the pairings I like (go look in my interests on my profile; THEY'RE IN THERE), but let's just say I tend to make things on the yaoi and mpreg side ;) Lol Meg knows what I mean -shot-

I like roleplaying; it's one of the things I do in my spare time besides sleep and write ~ I don't work as of yet, and I'm going to be a sophomore in high school starting at the end of August. I do have AIM, YIM, MSN, and Skype, so if you want to talk feel free~ I'm open.


I warn you, prepare for intense craziness in this journal. It's gonna be FAPFANTASTIC 8D 


Meg, I should get you one of these. They're fun to be on.

Um, FYI, I <3 my France avatar. 

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